Locals' woes for vehicular operation in village

Babiyachaur (Myagdi), July 2: Locals of Gharamdi in Histan VDC-1 and 2 have come across an acute sense of disappointment for being unable to use the road they constructed with their own resources.

The Gharamdi people have faced trouble when their dream to supply vegetable products of their village and bring in daily essential goods in cheaper price from outside was shattered.

It is quite pain-staking for the locals when they could not use the road they constructed without any government grant for the purpose of connectivity.

The locals had invested Rs 12.16 million in 2068 BS for the construction of 10-km road linking Mahabhir of Histan to Gharamdi village.

The road has been in limbo for no maintenance since long in lack of financial resources, said road construction committee member Gam Bahadur Phagami.

The proper maintenance has not yet been materialized though villagers channelized additional resources of Rs 200,000 for the purpose, he added.

'We had constructed the road collecting donation and loan to cherish our collective dream of bringing vehicles in our village', he said, adding that, 'It has been pain-staking moment for not being able to pay back loan and use road for our progress'. RSS

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