Mobile text circulation increases voters' registration

Ratnanagar (Chitwan), July 9: The trend of voters' enrollment with image has immoderately increased in Chitwan with the Election Commission's bid to circulate text message to ask voters for registration.

There has been serpentine queue of voters approaching District Returning Office, Chitwan for enrolment after the Election Commission circulated a text message reminding the deadline for voters' list update.

People from distant parts of the district are seen coming to the office for the purpose. As many as 267,000 voters have so far enrolled their names with image in Chitwan, said Chief of District Returning Office, Hari Dhakal.

He informed that the office has targeted to collect names of total 382,000 voters in the district.

The target was set assuming that 60 per cent of total population of 579,000 in Chitwan will be voters' turnouts, Dhakal further said.

It may be noted that total 240,000 voters have cast their ballot in earlier Constituent Assembly (CA) election while total enrollment was 382,000. RSS

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