Myagdi folks crowd to register names in biometric voters' list

Myagdi, July 10: People in Myagdi district have crowded to register their names in the biometric voters' list.

The Election Commission (EC) has provided the time until July 15 to register the names in the voters' list for the election scheduled to be held on November 19.

People from the villages have begun to crowd the District Election Office, Myagdi, to register their names after the EC sent messages through mobile phones and urged to register their names within July 15, said Kedarnath Paudel, District Election Officer.

Around hundred people visit the Office to register their names at the office daily, added Paudel. It is an increase of around 70 per cent as compared to the past few days.

The Office has already registered around 57,300 names in the voters' list until last week. Myagdi district, which has only one constituency, expects 60,000 voters to be registered for the CA election scheduled to be held on November 19, Paudel said. RSS

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