New three star Hotel to be constructed in Biratnagar

Biratnagar, July 2: A new three star hotel is to be constructed here with a view to lengthening the stay of tourists from India and third countries in Biratnagar.Construction of the hotel will be completed by April 2014 and is estimated to cost around Rs. 90 million.

Tourism entrepreneur from Biratnagar, Punya Prasad Bhattarai will invest and operate Hotel Purbanchal.The hotel will have 42 comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, a banquet hall, restaurant, bar and equipped with an elevator.

The hotel plans to provide horse riding and horse cart facilities to visit the touristic sites in the City and its surroundings, said Bhattarai.Bhattarai said, "I'm constructing the three star level hotel seeing possibilities for tourism in Morang and other surrounding districts."

The hotel is expected to provide employment to around 60 persons once the  hotel services comes into operation. RSS

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