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Kailali, July 30: Central Member of the UCPN-Maoist Top Bahadur Rayamajhi has said all parties should compulsorily participate in the second CA election to give the country an outlet.

He made this remark at a press meet organized Monday in Dhangadhi by the Revolutionary Journalists' Association, Kailali.

He also said it was an anti-people act to hatch plot not to allow CA election by CPN-Maoist and other parties on various pretexts.

Rayamajhi who was in Kailali for preparations of the second CA election, said CPN-Maoist to say that they would co-work with Gyanendra is the revelation of their regressive tendency.

If anyone dreams of monarchy coming back once it was defeated by the Janaandolan, it is a mere daydream, he said.

At the press meet, he said the Baidya faction is exposed before the people and are isolated when they said they would co-work with the former king.

He also said they will not have any unity with CPN-Maoist as they have a monarchial thinking.

In another context, he said if there is no election on November 19, the country will be pushed to uncertainty, and therefore, all parties should prepare atmosphere for polls. RSS 

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