No official confirmation of nepali nationals' death in Afghanistan: Mo FA

Kathmandu, July 2: The government has said that the reported death of Nepali nationals in a suicide attack on Tuesday at an office of a company that supplies goods to NATO troops in Kabul, Afghanistan was yet to be confirmed officially.

Arjun Bahadur Thapa, Spokesperson at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told RSS that no news of Nepali people's death has been received through official channels. He said that the government has contacted with the Nepali Ambassador in Pakistan in this regard.

"The Nepali Ambassador in Pakistan, who also looks after Afghanistan, has contacted with the Officer concerned once the news in this regard broke out but no news about the death of Nepalis has been received", said Spokesperson Thapa.

The Nepali Embassy in Pakistan has been in regular contact with Kabul and nothing can be ascertained as of now until an official account is received from there, Thapa said.

International news agencies, including the AFP, have reported that 10 persons including four Nepali security guards were killed in a suicide attack this morning carried out by the Taliban at a company that supplies goods to NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Though it is not legal for Nepalis to go for foreign employment in Afghanistan, a significant number of Nepalis are found to have gone to Afghanistan and Iraq using illegal channels. RSS

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