Over 7 thousand Baglung households deprived of telephone services

Baglung, July 11: Seven thousand nine hundred and forty-one households in Baglung district are deprived of communication facilities, a new population data about the district shows.

The number of households with no access to any communication services is 13.69 per cent of the total households in the district.

As per the population data, these households do not have access to any kind of communication facility.

Out of the total 61 thousand 482 households in the district, 51 thousand 760 do not have access to the communication services of any kind, according to the district population census 2011.

The District Statistical Office stated that 41 thousand 889 households have access to mobile phone, two thousand 347 families have access to landline telephone, 717 households have Internet access and one thousand 867 families have access to computers.

Similarly, 14 thousand 760 families have access to cable television, 11 thousand 752 families have access to television, and 35 thousand 826 families have access to radio. The number of people owning four-wheel drive vehicles in the district is 126, the number of people who own motorcycle is 695, those who own bicycle is 539 and that of families using other types of vehicles is 115.

The nationwide figure shows that nearly 65 per cent of the total population uses mobile phones. In urban areas 84.07 per cent people use mobile phones while 59.98 per cent people in rural areas use it. RSS

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