Political parties most corrupt in Nepal: TI Report

Kathmandu, July 9: Political parties top the list of corruption indices among a dozen institutions in Nepal, according to a report prepared by the Transparency International (TI).

The dozen institutions include political parties, civil service, police, legislature/parliament, the judiciary, private sector, military, educational institutions, nongovernmental organizations, medical and health service, religious organizations, and the media.

The 'Global Corruption Barometer 2013' report made public by the TI Nepal here today states that corruption is seen in 70 per cent of the political parties in Nepal followed by civil service with 66 per cent.
The Global Corruption Barometer is a survey of 114,000 people in 107 countries and it shows that corruption is widespread.

The survey was carried out in 1,000 selected households in all 58 municipalities.
Earlier, in 2011, political parties were also in the top rank in the corruption list.  
Likewise, corruption level stands at 58 per cent in police, 51 per cent in parliament and judiciary, 30 per cent in private sector, 20 per cent in NGOs and 17 per cent in health service.

Likewise, 16 per cent corruption is seen in religious sector and the least, 14 per cent, in the media.

The highest number of respondents, nearly 40 per cent said that they paid bribes while receiving land related services.

Likewise, the Amnesty International has said that the governments need to make sure that there are strong, independent and well-resourced institutions to prevent and redress corruption adding that too many people are harmed when these core institutions and basic services are undermined by the scourge of corruption. RSS

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