Poverty alleviation programme a boon for Saptari dalits

Saptari, July 5: The poverty alleviation programme implemented by the Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) through different partner organizations in Saptari district is found to be productive for the target groups.

The Social Mobilization, Capacity Development, Income Generation and Rural Infrastructure Development Programme targeted to the people of the Dalit, marginalized and the minority communities in the district is said to have benefited the poor of these communities.

The programme has been implemented at 21 different VDCs of the district through different local community based organizations.

A joint monitoring team comprising representatives of the stakeholder organizations, the chiefs of different government offices in the district and journalists carried out a monitoring of the effectiveness of the programme recently. The monitoring was carried out at the initiatives of the PAF's local partner organizations.

The income generation and the rural infrastructure programme run by constituting community groups has been found to be the most effective programme, said Bidya Sagar Yadav, the crop development officer at the District Agricultural Development Office, Saptari who was in the monitoring team.

"Especially, the people from the poor and dalit communities were found to have benefitted more from this programme," Yadav said.

Besides raising the living standard of the people of the target groups, the programme has also helped raise public awareness among the women about their rights and they have become empowered more now, he added. RSS

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