Power developers discouraged by goons

Khotang, July 10: Power developers who want to invest in electricity generation projects have been discouraged due to the increasing harassments by local goons, power developers complained at a programme here on Tuesday.

Representatives of electricity project construction companies participating in a talk programme titled 'Our Development', organized by the Sanchar Sadan, stated that investors have been discouraged to invest in hydropower development projects as the local goons were demanding hefty commission from them.

Speaking on the occasion, Manager of the 700-Megawatt-capacity Rawakhola Hydropower Project and the Dudhkosi Hydropower Company, Prem Lama, said that it was very difficult for the investors because the district-based 'goons' were placing unreasonable demands with them.

According to Lama, a gang of hooligans has demanded 25 per cent of the total cost of the project as commission for them. However, he did not want to disclose the name of the gang for security reason.
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Project Manager and former CA member Arjun Rai said that goons were also trying to obstruct the Mewakhola Hydroelectricity Project with a capacity to generate 980 Kilowatt electricity.

Former parliament member Tanka Rai said that burgeoning hooliganism was the major obstacle to the development of the district.

Chief District Officer of Khotang district Deepak Raj Nepal vowed to crush hooliganism.

The 18th District Council had decided to declare the Khotang district as free of power cuts within five years and had emphasized on development of electricity in the district for that purpose.

Only 9 thousand 500 households in 37 VDCs in the district have access to electricity. RSS

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