public diplomacy emphaiszed at foundation interaction

Kathmandu, July 10: Speakers at an interaction have pointed out the need of public diplomacy instead of the traditional one with modernization and the development of technical and economic diplomacy.

It can strengthen diplomatic relations in the public level through exchange of views and contact in people's level in areas like education, culture, health and environment, they said.

They made this remark at an interaction on 'Soft power and public diplomacy' organized by the GP Koirala Foundation to mark the 90 th birth anniversary of Nepali Congress leader and Former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala.

On the occasion, Macquarie University Australia Prof. Naren Chitty said at a time when concept of relations in the people's and professional level including in education, health and culture, is being developed, public diplomacy could be encouraged.

  Foundation Chairperson and NC Central Member Sujata Koirala said we can strengthen the relations between the two countries by institutionalizing democratic systems and public diplomacy can be expanded through the sectors of education, health and culture.

Prof. John Simon, Dr. Shambhuram Simkhada and Dr. Dinesh Bhattarai called for seeking new dimensions for expanding diplomacy.

Meanwhile, talking to journalists leader Sujata Koirala said   election should be held and outlet of political crisis should be sought with consensus and co work of all parties.

All should be made to participate as the election by four parties will not be recognized.  All parties should come to election, she added. RSS

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