qatar requests to send skill human resources: high regard of nepali workers

Kathmandu, July 3:  Qatar has requested the Government of Nepal to send skilled workers while making a very high evaluation of the Nepali workers' honesty, trustworthiness and diligence.

The request was made in the three-day Nepal-Qatar high-level meeting of the Joint Committee on Nepali Human Resource Employment in the State of Qatar that concluded in Qatar on June 30.

Qatar agreed to further protect and promote the interests of Nepali workers as per the laws of Qatar and expressed concern about the lengthy procedures of recruiting Nepali workers for Qatari companies and requested Nepal to shorten the period of recruitment.

In reply, Nepal suggested Qatari delegation to bring its Embassy in Kathmandu fully functional in order to shorten the period of recruitment process.

Nepal also proposed to hold a joint meeting of private sectors involved in the field of foreign employment from both countries and let them suggest for simplifying the procedures.

According to Buddhi Bahadur Khadka, leader of the Nepali delegation and Joint-secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Employment, a 15-point agreement was reached between the two sides to employ skilled Nepali workers in Qatar.
Nepal proposed Qatar about its intention to change the recruitment policy of domestic workers including housemaids through standard agency agreement, to which Qatari delegation said that the proposal does not fall under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Labour and they would inquire with the Ministry of Interior.

According to the 15-point agreement, the Nepali delegation also expressed its concern about the cases of less salary amount mentioned in the individual employment contract between the labourer and the company than that of employment contract submitted by the same company along with the Demand Letter for approval of the Embassy of Nepal in Doha.

Likewise, the matter of the problems faced by Nepali workers due to unwillingness of some companies to facilitate for issuing ID cards within three months of arrival in Qatar was also raised.

The Qatari delegation said it would request the Ministry of Interior to issue temporary cards for them until they get permanent cards, and also shared that if any company is found keeping its labourers illegal, the company would be blacklisted.

The Qatari side also agreed to increase the number of quota for Nepal on high skilled human resource.

The joint agreement was signed by Joint Secretary Khadka and on behalf of Qatar by the Under Secretary of Ministry of Labour Hussain Yousif Al-Mulla. RSS

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