Renewable energy users' number up in Kanchanpur

Belauri (Kanchanpur), July 5: The number of people using renewable energy is on the increase in Kanchanpur district.
Some 12 per cent of the people in the district are found using renewable energy sources until 2069 BS, said Dinesh Lamsal, the Assistant Energy and Environment Officer in the district.
Lamsal said that his office has been providing biogas plants and solar panels at a subsidized rate to the people in a bid to curb the air pollution that has been found ever increasing in the district.
Nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-six households use biogas and 750 households solar energy, he said.
Lamsal believes that the number of renewable energy users will go up in the current and the coming fiscal year. The government provides a subsidy in the range of 18 thousand to 25 thousand rupees for installing biogas and solar panel plants.
The number of people using renewable energy sources in the country has reached 1.4 million in 2011. RSS

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