rights activists draw ec attention to manage 33 per cent reserved quota

Kathmandu, July 5: Woman rights activist have said the electoral constituencies should be delineated in a scientific manner with a focus on geography, demography and other practicalities.

Participants of an interaction organised by the Commission for Delineation of Electoral Constituency (CDC) with the women rights activists here today stressed on the need of delineating constituencies in an independent manner or without being influenced by political parties, leaders and any individual or organizations.

"The participants have urged the CDC to suggest the government for managing 33 per cent quotas to women who constitute over 51 per cent population," said Spokesperson of the National Women's Commission Mohana Ansari.

The Commission interacted with as many as 15 rights activists during the programme where they suggested to delineate the new constituencies by protecting the beauty of the nation, by convincing the voters, and in a legal manner.
The participants also suggested to hold extensive discussion before the delineating the constituencies.

They said the trend of migrating to urban areas, Tarai and Madhesh from hills had expedited of late, adding that if the constituencies were delineated on the basis of population it would be unfair to hills so all parties concerned should pay special attention towards that end.

The constitution has provided that traditional boundaries, geographical situation, and distribution of population, density of population, access of transportation, socio-political context, and cultural contexts among other issues needs to be considered while delineating the constituencies.

Nepal has been making regular practice of delineation of constituencies since 1991 on the basis of the latest census. RSS

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