theatre festival concludes

Janakpurdham, July 7: A three-day theatre festival organized with an objective to promote and develop multidimensional forms of theatre including to preserve those on the verge of extinction concluded here today.

During the festival, five dramas in Maithili, two in Nepali and one in Tharu language were presented.

Mithila Natyakala Parishad demonstrated Okar Angnak Barhamasa, while Birat Maithili Natyakala Parishad presented Ab Kona Chalab and Ramandnd Rangadarpan performed Suli Per Ijot Nayak.

Similarly, Nepali dramas Karphyu and Desh Harayako Manchhe, and drama titled Sahitan Dheki of Tharu language were performed on the occasion. RSS

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