totamo production to go down by sixty per cent

Dhankuta, July 4: Tomato production in Dhankuta district is expected to decrease by 60 per cent due to blight disease.

Tomato farming in Belhara, Bhirgaon, Murtidhunga, Budhimorang VDCs and Dhankuta municipality are doing to suffer from decline in the output, the District Agriculture Development Office said. Tomato has been cultivated in some 829 hectares of land in the aforementioned VDCs and municipality.

In the past season, Dhankuta had produced 23,016 metric tons of tomato.

Tomato farming during the winter was good but during the summer this year it is expected to suffer from the blight disease, said Ram Bahadur Roila, a farmer of Belhara-4.

Tomatoes produced in Dhankuta are sold in the markets in the Tarai and neighbouring India. RSS

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