What is life all about ?

– Rajendra Pd. Koirala
Somebody says life is a drama, somebody says life is an enjoyment, somebody says life is a philosophy; somebody says life is a song, music, entertainment, and so on and so forth. Thousands of years have passed by since human civilization appeared in the universe, yet the definition of life seems to have been incomplete. Different thinkers, philosophers, scholars have different opinions regarding life.
So far as my opinion is concerned; it is a beautiful gift of nature which has to be beautified by all ourselves.
The question arises as how to beautify our life?
Having been born in this beautiful world as a human being, we must have a definite aim of life. When we have a definite and genuine aim, we are always guided by that very aim and we will always be prone to getting it.
Definite aim always encourages us to be positive, creative, studious, energetic, laborious, honest, sincere, contemplative, wise, generous, empathetic, and compassionate. These all are known as spiritual qualities of an individual which ultimately leads us to beautify our life. There is joy, happiness, pleasure, liveliness, when we have spirituality. Again the question arises what exactly spirituality is.
In simple and easy language – The quality of being able to understand “Inner self” is known as spirituality.
What makes us human? Is it the ability to walk on two feet and think? Is it the complexity of emotion that permeates our lives like an ocean fog? Who are we really? What is our existence all about? Why were we born? What are the tasks to be done by all ourselves for the human beings? To be  able to reach that very climax and have the inner capacity to know ourselves who exactly we are is “Spiritually”.
In other words, it means creating purity in ourselves from within. It is the spirituality that helps a person control over his greed, jealousy, rancor, hatred, temptation, lust and all kinds of physical possessions. It is the spirituality that instructs a person to recognize his/her innate energy which makes him/her attractive, charming, courageous, tolerative, patient and above all vibrant. Then, let’s imagine ourselves how beautiful life is. But it is we and we alone who can beautify our lives controlling over our fifth senses. So, friends, how life can be made worth living entirely depends on the liver.
Life is a dream as well which can be materialized with our strong determination, dedication, devotion and discipline. To materialize our dreams, first of all, we must make dreams and dreams can be made when we make our goals. So, friends, translation of the dream into reality, we must conceive the goals, believe in ourselves and definitely, we will achieve the things we want.
Remember, to do the incredible, you must dream the impossible. Let’s take the example of Martin Luther King, Junior, who fought for woman’s rights to vote and fundamental rights of black people in USA or Nelson Mandela, who did what others thought was impossible by going from a prisoner in South Africa to the president of South Africa. “To do the incredible, you must first dream the impossible.
There are a few simple rules for life:
1. Take time to dream (Remember, most great achievements were once considered impossible)
2. Contemplate about your life.
3. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
4. Say thank you and please, a lot
5. Greet each day with a smile.
6. Never argue with an idiot.
7. Choose to be happy/learn to be happy.
8. Make a commitment to excellence.
9. Be grateful.
10. Love life! Have fun. Never underestimate the power, potential and possibilities of the human spirit. Life really is a beautiful gift. It is a blast!
So friends let’s beautify our lives. “Have faith, believe and remember that the sky truly is the limit. Always reach for the sky and if you miss, you will be among the stars.”
So, the ball is in your hand as how you would like to beautify your life.


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