Civil Service Employees In Rukum for fast service delivery

Rukum, Aug. 6:  The civil service employees in far-flung Rukum district have joined hands to provide public services in a prompt manner.

All the officials and employees have come up with the commitment to bring about changes to their traditional working style and prompt the service delivery to serve the campaign for beautiful Rukum.

The commitment is to reform the internal management and implementation of systematized work plan. The concept note is being prepared for the campaign on the initiative of a team comprising Assistant Chief District Office (CDO) Arjun Bhandari and District Treasury Controller Purna Bahadur Oli.

Among the agendas put on top priority under the reform plan are routine discussion on daily activities,  preparation of managerial chart,  submitting work progress report,  setting up of mini- library in the office,  use of daily log-book,  preparing  and implementation of code of conduct and monitoring of complaint box.

LDO and coordinator at the campaign Bharat Kumar Sharma said that such minor change in working style would bring about transformation in service delivery.

On the occasion, Assistant CDO Bhandari said that all participating campaigners should help establish system friendly to deliver public service in their respective area. RSS

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