Swollen Syali stream sweeps away school

Kanchanpur, Aug. 7: The swollen Syali rivulet has swept away the infrastructure of the Milan Primary School at the Andhajala Freed Kamaiya Camp at Dekhatbhuli VDC-4.

A three-room concrete and cement house and a two-room stone and mud block of the school crumbled after the swollen river eroded the portion of the land the school was build on. The incident took place on Tuesday.

The swollen stream also swept away the furniture in the classrooms. The school has suffered a property damage of over 1.5 million rupees due to this, according to the Area Police Office, Jhalari.

The school was established six years back catering to the children of the freed Kamaiya families living in the camp. More than 200 students are studying at the school.

With the school buildings gone, the school is facing problem in running classes. RSS

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