Worries over intertefernce in Nepali language

        Kathmandu, Aug.  4:  The 14 Th series of the Anupam Sirjana Recital Programme of the month of Saun organized as a gathering of creators of the western area of the capital concluded at Kalanki Saturday.

            Participating in the programme were Binu Baba Ghimire, Bhuwan Hari Sigdel, Narnath Luintel, Sharada Pathak, Rajendra Dhungana, Shyam Bahadur Bhabuk, Sahana Subedi, GKN Khaderi, Jagadiswor Pokhrel, and Bhagawati Roka, among others, recited their poems.

            At the programme Prof. Dr. Khem Koirala Bandhu expressed worries over the direct or indirect interference of Hindi and English over Nepali, and added if the language is not protected, the existence of the race will be ended. 

             Writer Hari Khanal said the language of curriculum was destroyed by the orders of officials of governments. Dr. Jiwan Adhikari said those who do not identify the originality of our Nepali language are out to end its existence. RSS 

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