Livestock market relocated to Arjundhara


Jhapa, Jan 19 (RSS):

The weekly market of Shanischare, Jhapa has been relocated to Arjundhara Municipality-8 in the district after the growing concerns and displeasure of the locals over the sanctity of a religious site here. The relocation was aimed at preserving the religious beauty of Arjundhara Jaleshwordham, a religious tourism spot in the district. The well-equipped market was built in the joint investment of Province No 1 and Arjhundhara Municipality at the cost of over Rs 20 million. It is stretched over 10 kathha and has 87 shutters, according to the Municipality. Although the construction of the market was completed in mid-June last year, it was yet to be operative, said Geeta Kumari Rai, chief administrator of the Municipality. The newly built market has all basic amenities such as road, electricity, communication, drinking water and restrooms among others, informed chief administrator Rai. A 35 cubic metre of gas plant has been built in the market also featuring modern machines for butchering service. The locals had long been demanding that the livestock market be shifted elsewhere, according to Rai. Outgoing mayor of the municipality Hari Kumar Rana said, "We built the market to streamline the weekly fair, livestock market and meat shop in Sanischare area. The relocation is also aimed at preserving the religious site-Arjundhara Jaleshwordham." The locals had donated the land for the construction of the modern market.---

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